We pride ourselves on being unique and different from all other resorts in the area and provide you with opportunities that only Rivercliff Fishing Resort can offer.
Our floating dock is located in the best fishing hole on the White River bar none. Guide Boats patrol the area regularly enjoying the immense trout population in front of our dock.
Our dock is solar-lighted for your convenience extending your fishing time into the night. You can fish their 24/7 and twelve months of the year. It is not necessary to go up and down the river to find trout to catch and our customers tell us we are the best there is.
The water here is pristine and clear, the mist rising in the mornings is an unforgettable experience. Canada geese regularly float by with the blue heron and an occasional bald eagle. Seeing all the way to the bottom you can see your next catch….
Along with trout we have a school of walleye that like to hang around our dock, see our underwater camera footage taken a look see under the dock.
Evenings watch the sunsets kiss the mountain tops and slowing disappear, then you realize it doesn’t get any better than this. We welcome you to the Ozark Get-a-away experience that is Rivercliff Fishing Resort.